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Harrys Newcastle ?? Harrys Venice we know. Magical memories. Great Palaces, Fantastic vistas, Marvellous food, wonderful cocktails and Harrys.

Harrys the birthplace of the Bellini. World renown and now it seems there is an outpost in that far flung gastronomic capital, that centre of culinary expertise, Newcastle? I think not.

Can this Geordie town be hosting the delights of the Venetian capital or is it a mere imitation.

Maybe the Landlord is Harry or maybe his son. Maybe they are long lost Italians trying to find home, descendants of the Roman centurions from a bygone age who thought the North East of England so picturesque that they named it Northumbria after their home country of Umbria in northern Italy. Nevertheless to Newcastle we journey to ascertain the magic, or otherwise of this outpost, Harrys.

Newcastle, centre of the Universe, the Geordies say and what pray is a Geordie. More research needed, though birth place it is true of famous pop stars Sting,Mark Knoffler,Eric Burdon and living guitar legend Hank Marvin. Rock n Roll here we go and rock n roll it is.

Roving Restaurant Reviews - Harrys Newcastle

Exterior view of Harrys Newcastle, Bright red and in your face

Harrys is on Grey Street Newcastle and does not hide its light, period. Bright red and in your face, here it is external seating on a cold evening, throngs of people and one, way busy cocktail bar or wine bar full of the local party people. All well and good however where is the food. Pushing through the throng we are into the inner sanctum. The restaurant. Some restaurant, decor? Quality Devine.

Roving Restaurant Reviews - Harrys Newcastle

Interior photo of Harrys Newcastle, Quality Devine

Definitely not Venice but Definitely full of character and people. Customers everywhere, not hanging from the ceiling but almost. Our reservation? I am thinking problem until a bouncy redhead, not Italian, finds me and a table to match somewhere in this melee.

Menu in hand and Bellini in the non menu hand I peruse the offering. The Bellini is good. I would like to say Venice is better however the truth is they are identical.

Such a strange assortment of food – Burgers to Pizza, Steaks, Fish and Chips and Blackened Cod definitely not Venice, however if this is the Geordie answer to a good night out, best embrace it and go for it.

Harrys Newcastle - Lobster spaghetti

Harrys Newcastle – Lobster spaghetti

Chunky Chopped Chicken Salad from New York, where else, let’s give it a try and some Gamberoni King prawns with a Provençal sauce. Not Venice however the Salad which is presented as a finely diced mélange of ingredients has a taste of its own. Who puts chilly in a Chicken Salad. Guess it’s a Geordie, sorry New York thing, however a great taste helped with the Premier Cru Chablis, French of course. Seems the King Prawns, more than delicious are local and that there is a major industry sending King Prawns to The South of France.

Harrys Newcastle - Chunky Chopped Chicken Salad

Harrys Newcastle – Chunky Chopped Chicken Salad

We are now moving out of the Venetian scheme of things, New York Salad, Provençal sauce and French wine. Best move on with an Italian Brunello del Montacino and a good plate of Pasta and it is a great pasta. Lobster spaghetti quite something and Lamb which appears in a clay pot broken open and served as a fine stew. A sensational dish maybe a local speciality.

The Geordies sure can cook and eat if the portions are anything to go by. Desserts are a must and not to be missed therefore the house special I ask ? Seems we are back to France again this time the bouncy redhead tells me it’s Monaco and the soufflé recipe came from the Hotel de Paris. Let’s go then and again no disappointment here Grand Marnier Soufflé, with extra Grand Marnier Stupendous and a stunning raspberry vacherin

Harrys Newcastle - Dessert Vacherin

Harrys Newcastle – Dessert Vacherin

Harrys is now moving on. Seems the diners are thinning out and the music starting to welcome a crowd of beautiful people more intent on Cocktails and Music than dining. No digestive drinks despite being offered and off to bed.

Harrys is a surprise. Not what I expected. Not Venice. This Harrys is in a class of its own. Great style and wonderful food, seems it wants to party all night and maybe it does while I am sleeping. Someone said Newcastle is the 8th party capital of the World. It sure seems it in Harrys.

I didn’t find out if it’s Italian or if there is a Harry or if anyone knew a Harry or indeed if anyone had been to Harrys in Venice, these questions disappeared in the warm atmosphere and the wonderful hospitality and ambiance of Newcastle. Great City and lovely restaurant.

Will tell Harry in Venice when I see him next. Tell him it’s worth a visit. In fact Definitely worth a visit. Rock n Roll Newcastle. You certainly do.